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Architects have many demands to fill. Clients want homes or commercial buildings that are quieter, healthier, and more energy efficient than ever before. While creating a good plan for the building is very important, one addition to residential and small commercial structures will make it quieter, healthier, and offer energy savings—insulation.

In the past, there were not many choices when it came to insulation; they work well, but may not allow you to have as much flexibility as possible with your designs. At Lucas Insulation, we offer both fiberglass and foam insulation, giving you and the builder the opportunity to create a structure that is both comfortable to live or work in AND green, or energy efficient.

One thing to keep in mind when you start working on that new design is that there are also more requirements for energy efficiency. Talk to a building inspector in any area and you will learn that the strategies you used a few years ago may not be good enough. Utilizing the many types of insulation available and working with a trained insulation professional like Lucas Insulation will help you make the right design choices.

Spend some time talking with your clients, then call Lucas Insulation and let us help you devise a plan for insulation that will fit in well with your creative design ideas. We can make recommendations to tweak your designs to work best with our particular insulation options. Spending a bit of time working with us will allow you to create a structure that will meet the needs of your clients and the building requirements of the city or jurisdiction where the structure is to be built.

Lucas Insulation is an authorized Owens Corning and Icynene dealer. For all spec sheets from Icynene or Owens Corning please click below. 

Call 803.951.2378 or contact us at Lucas Insulation and let us discuss your options.

I did indeed hire Mr. Lucas. I have 5 attic spaces in my house, I asked him to do just one, about 650 square feet. The dramatic difference in temperature in that room and the cooling efficiency below that room was really incredible. I have kept daily temperatures on all the rooms and the difference is remarkable. He is going to do the rest of my house, around another 4,000 square feet in about 10 days. The savings in energy and the comfort level far outweigh the costs. The insulation is not cheap but, it's much better than paying high energy bills. I am referring him to my family and he will help insulate some of our properties.

Jimmy W., Columbia, SC