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Building Professional - Tax Credit

Adding new insulation is an investment, but sometimes that investment pays for itself. Not only will you realize energy savings on your energy bills in the future, but you may also qualify for a tax rebate that will help offset the cost of installation.

Because saving our valuable natural resources is important to everyone, sometimes the government, including local, federal, and state, will offer tax rebate programs for the installation of energy-efficient fiberglass or spray foam insulation. Both commercial and residential properties can qualify, and the credits may be available to the builder, the building's owner or both.

At Lucas Insulation, our goal is to help you install the latest, most energy-efficient materials affordably. To do this, we will help you locate and take advantage of all possible tax credits. When you work with us, we will help you identify, and then claim, any available tax credit that applies to your building.

With a potential tax credit and the eventual energy savings you will receive from new insulation, your investment can pay for itself quite quickly. As an added bonus, you will get the satisfaction that comes from knowing you are doing something to protect the environment.

Keep in mind that tax credits come and go, and your job may or may not qualify for one. If you are wondering about current tax credit options, contact Lucas Insulation. One of our insulation experts will help you determine if there are any available credits for your project.

Make the most of your insulation installation with the appropriate tax credits. Call 803.951.2378 or contact Lucas Insulation to learn more about saving money and energy with new insulation. With our help and the potential for a tax credit, your insulation project can be quite affordable.

The crew was friendly and very helpful. Glad I went with this company!

Christopher P., Columbia, SC