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Community Involvement

At Lucas, we’re proud to serve our neighbors – not just by providing superior insulation installation products and services, but by giving back to our community. Whether together as a business or as individuals, we’re always looking for opportunities to reach out and help out.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a renowned service program aimed at helping struggling people and families get back on their feet by helping them build a house and learn life skills. For several years now, Lucas Insulation has been proud to partner with Habitat for Humanity to provide fiberglass ceiling insulation for these homes at cost.

Our insulation is now in about 20 Habitat houses, most in the Columbia, SC area with a few in Beaufort County as well. We look forward to contributing to many more in the future.

Individual Outreach Stories

Pitching in To Help an Injured Local Man

When a local family man named Brian Denny suffered a life-changing injury, Lucas Insulation volunteered its services to help the Home Builders’ Association of Greater Columbia in installing insulation in a home being built for him.

Brian, while working for Stock Building Supply in Columbia, SC, suffered serious spinal damage on the job. The injury to his C3/C4 vertebra in his spine left Brian paralyzed from the shoulders down. After his injury, Brian spent  9-plus months in local hospitals and at the Shepard Center in Atlanta to help with his recovery and rehabilitation.

The home building community stepped up to help Brian and his family upon his return from the hospital to build a home that would help them lead a full and normal life. Lucas Insulation was joined by other local home building suppliers and builders such as McGuinn Homes, Mungo Homes, and Stock Building Supply, just to name a few.

Charles Lucas, owner of Lucas Insulation, said, “It was a real honor to be a part of something like this. This family is special and to be asked to have a hand in this was an amazing experience. We know they will love this home. We will be praying for them and hope that he and his family can get back to a normal life as soon as possible.”

Getting a Local Family a Warm House in Time for Christmas

Lucas Insulation first met Jack and Damiata Snelgrove through Glenn Gainey, who met the couple at church. Mr. and Mrs. Snelgrove’s house had no insulation in the ceiling – meaning that all the heat went straight through the roof.

When a cold snap hit the area, Mr. Gainey reached out to Charles Lucas. At first the plan was to raise the $900-$1,000 the installation of insulation would cost, but, as it turned out, Lucas Insulation had two jobs scheduled near the Snelgroves’ house. Mr. Lucas swung by the house and decided to do the installation for free.

We were very proud and honored to be of help, and glad that the Snelgroves were able to finish out the holiday season enjoying the new warmth of their home.

Soccer Sponsorship


I did indeed hire Mr. Lucas. I have 5 attic spaces in my house, I asked him to do just one, about 650 square feet. The dramatic difference in temperature in that room and the cooling efficiency below that room was really incredible. I have kept daily temperatures on all the rooms and the difference is remarkable. He is going to do the rest of my house, around another 4,000 square feet in about 10 days. The savings in energy and the comfort level far outweigh the costs. The insulation is not cheap but, it's much better than paying high energy bills. I am referring him to my family and he will help insulate some of our properties.

Jimmy W., Columbia, SC