Building Professionals

General Contractors

As a general contractor, you know the importance of the final touches. These touches mean the difference between a mediocre job and one that wows your client. One of those final touches is insulation.

The right insulation will improve the energy efficiency of the building and help keep its occupants comfortable all year long. Doing the insulation yourself requires specialized equipment and licensing, which is why many general contractors choose to outsource this task.

If you are looking for insulation professionals to help with your latest project, Lucas Insulation is ready to help. We work with local general contractors to finish building projects and add insulation to increase the energy efficiency of their projects and, ultimately, the satisfaction of their customers.

Go Green - Energy-Saving Insulation Options

Your customers are concerned about the environment and their energy bills. Help them take measures to address those concerns with the right insulation.

As a member of the Green Building Council of Greater Columbia, we are dedicated to offering green options to our customers whenever possible. When you partner with Lucas Insulation for your clients' projects, your customers can have the benefit of industry-leading, energy efficient insulation in their homes or businesses. We offer both fiberglass and spray foam insulation, so you can offer your customers a choice between two highly efficient insulation options.

Insulation for New Constructions and Remodels

Whether you are building a new construction or adding insulation to improve the energy efficiency of an existing building, insulation will complete the project. We work with general contractors on both residential and commercial projects. For all of your insulation needs, trust the qualified, licensed contractors at Lucas Insulation to do the job well.

If you are looking for insulation help in the greater Lexington, SC area, contact Lucas Insulation or call 803.951.2378 for a free estimate. Let us help you create the energy efficient, comfortable space your customers require.

I did indeed hire Mr. Lucas. I have 5 attic spaces in my house, I asked him to do just one, about 650 square feet. The dramatic difference in temperature in that room and the cooling efficiency below that room was really incredible. I have kept daily temperatures on all the rooms and the difference is remarkable. He is going to do the rest of my house, around another 4,000 square feet in about 10 days. The savings in energy and the comfort level far outweigh the costs. The insulation is not cheap but, it's much better than paying high energy bills. I am referring him to my family and he will help insulate some of our properties.

Jimmy W., Columbia, SC