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No matter what part of the community you are building in, insulation is an important part of a new construction project. In the summer, it helps keep the cool, conditioned air inside the property, while in the winter it provides a protective barrier to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. Sadly, many new constructions lack adequate insulation, leading to increased energy costs and decreased efficiency. If you are ready to give your customers the best insulation for their money, Lucas Insulation is ready to help.

Two Insulation Options to Choose From

At Lucas Insulation, we believe in giving our customers the industry's best insulation options, but we also understand that what works well for one building may not work well for the next. That's why we offer two different insulation products for home builders. Whether you opt for fiberglass insulation or spray foam, we have the techniques to apply these products quickly and effectively. The end result is a home or building you will be proud to offer to your customers.

Better Insulation = Satisfied Customers

When you give your clients a home that feels comfortable year-round, you create satisfied customers. Insulation allows you to do just this. With a properly insulated property, your customers won't experience drafts in the winter or uncomfortable temperatures in the summer. They will also notice savings on their energy bills. More satisfied customers means a better bottom line for your construction business, as satisfied customers replicate themselves.

Don't leave your clients out in the cold with a poorly insulated building. Call 803.951.2378 or contact Lucas Insulation for a free property inspection and estimate. Let us show you what a difference professionally installed insulation can make in your next construction project.

It has been years since you insulated our home, and as you may recall I was there and very fussy about getting the insulation installed correctly. As we both know without being installed properly, the insulation performance is compromised. With that said, years later I had to get up in the attic so I could get to an exterior vented kitchen exhaust pipe. In the process, I messed up the insulation your men installed getting to that vent.

After notifying you, we were put on your list to repair the damage I created. You sent the same man that originally installed my insulation and his attitude was positive and friendly. They finished repairing what I messed up and said there would be no charge. In my unbelief I asked them to call to make sure. You told them no charge. I am writing to let you know how appreciative we are, and to say that your experienced team is pleasant, professional, and a joy to be around. God has blessed you and me. Thank you.

Howard and Janet O.,