Why Attic Insulation Is Important for Your Home

By: Lucas Insulation Thursday, June 11, 2015

Attic Insulation

As consumers today we must balance the importance of protecting our wallets with those of protecting the planet. On a few rare occasions, we find actions that actually accomplish both goals. This is the case with attic insulation. Here’s what you need to know about its importance for your home.

Keeps Your Home Nice and Cool During Summer Heat waves

South Carolina can get quite warm during summer months making you glad to have air conditioning in your home. Did you know, though, that insulation helps to reduce the load your poor air conditioning units must face during those dog days of summer? It’s true. Attic insulation serves as a barrier between the lower levels of your home and the roof where air often escapes.

Since heat rises, this layer of insulation holds the cold air in your home and prevents it from escaping through the roof.

Remember when you were a kid and your mother asked you if she was air conditioning the neighborhood? This was typically in response to you standing with the door open while the AC was running letting warm into the home while allowing the nice air conditioned air to escape into the neighborhood. The same concept applies when you fail to insulate your attic. All that cool air you’re paying for is rushing straight out of the neighborhood by way of your roof.

Keeps Energy Costs Lower

Not only does insulation help your home stay cooler, but it also lowers your energy bills as a result. While many in South Carolina are primarily concerned with the costs of cooling in the summer, soaring gas prices have many keeping a weather eye on the costs of heating as well. Good attic insulation that is properly installed helps you out on both fronts saving you money on year-round utilities.

May Qualify You for Energy Credits

Many energy companies are offering small rebates to consumers for upgrades designed to improve energy efficiency. Dollar for dollar, providing good attic insulation to your home provides outstanding return on investment, especially considering the energy credits and rebates offered by utility companies as well as local and state governments.

Summer is coming. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your attic insulation to see what a difference it can make in the way your home feels this summer – not to mention the costs of keeping you cool all summer long. Call Lucas Insulation today at 803-951-2378 to get answers for all your insulation questions in time to beat the summer heat.

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