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Charles Lucas, Owner

Born and raised in Lexington, SC, Charles Lucas was brought up in a family of builders - most of his family, in fact, is still in the building business. After graduating from the University of South Carolina, he followed suit and went into building. As a licensed contractor, he has built several houses and worked on several remodeling projects, complementing his understanding of insulation with that of the entire building project.

Driven to bring excellent service to every customer, Charles has been recognized for his expertise. In addition to a SC Residential Builder's License, he is BPI Certified, RESNET Certified, and an Authorized Icynene Foam Dealer. He is also a proud member of the Housebuilders' Association, Remodeler's Council, and the Green Building Council.

True to his family roots, Charles still lives in Lexington, with his wife and two children.

I did indeed hire Mr. Lucas. I have 5 attic spaces in my house, I asked him to do just one, about 650 square feet. The dramatic difference in temperature in that room and the cooling efficiency below that room was really incredible. I have kept daily temperatures on all the rooms and the difference is remarkable. He is going to do the rest of my house, around another 4,000 square feet in about 10 days. The savings in energy and the comfort level far outweigh the costs. The insulation is not cheap but, it's much better than paying high energy bills. I am referring him to my family and he will help insulate some of our properties.

Jimmy W., Columbia, SC