South Carolina is home to many old, beautiful houses. However, whether through age or outdated insulation techniques, these houses can also be a huge drain of energy consumption. If you want the majesty of an old house but not the drafts or the huge energy bill, call Lucas Insulation. Our retrofit services can give you the updated insulation your house needs.

We have the experience and expertise to evaluate your home and maximize its energy efficiency with your free in-home analysis. We’ll start by sending out our trained technicians to provide a thorough assessment of your home’s insulation needs. We’ll take a comprehensive look at your current insulation levels and give you a professional consultation about the energy-saving steps you can take.

When it comes to retrofitting your old South Carolina house with the insulation it needs, look no further than Lucas Insulation. Whether you need to install or update insulation in your attic, ceilings, exterior and basement walls, floors, and crawl spaces, we can provide the professional retrofit installation you need. And because we offer installation of high quality insulation—spray foam and fiberglass—you’ll not only get savings upfront with a cost-effective installation but also in the form of lower energy bills.

Just because you have an older house doesn't mean you have to be trapped with higher energy bills. Call 803.951.2378 today or contact us for your FREE in-home energy consultation.

I did indeed hire Mr. Lucas. I have 5 attic spaces in my house, I asked him to do just one, about 650 square feet. The dramatic difference in temperature in that room and the cooling efficiency below that room was really incredible. I have kept daily temperatures on all the rooms and the difference is remarkable. He is going to do the rest of my house, around another 4,000 square feet in about 10 days. The savings in energy and the comfort level far outweigh the costs. The insulation is not cheap but, it's much better than paying high energy bills. I am referring him to my family and he will help insulate some of our properties.

Jimmy W., Columbia, SC